Limousine Service Tips to Get the Most of What you are Paying for

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There are over 200,000 taxi and limousine services all over the country and this number is so overwhelming to the one looking for a limousine service. If are still not sure for the right limousine rental service to have even if you already have seen so many ads offering different services, you are lucky have reading this post. Here are some simple ways on hiring a limousine service. 

Check for the company license and permits of the company and the chauffeur 

One of the best ways to ensure you are choosing a good limousine service is if the company is complete of all the requirements in doing the limousine rental service operation. If the company is capable of interstate travel, their vehicles must also have permit to travel in other state and their chauffeur must also have proper knowledge of the laws of other state aside from local law. Also have your chauffeur checked if he or she has the license and insurance and also does a background check, you could have the chauffeur interviewed early so that the company will have a time to look for replacement driver if you are not comfortable with the currently assigned driver. 

Check for reviews and references 

Aside from getting references from word-of-mouth from family and friends, you could also check for reviews online from random people. Find out how are the experiences of their previous customer regarding the service of the limo rental company. Some customers leave testimonials on their experiences and look for the rating of the company on how they are satisfied with the service.  

Check the vehicle you are planning to rent 

This will depend on what you will need in your travel, ask for the inclusions of the service. Limousine rental company are not the same with each other this is why you have to make sure what amenities are included in a certain vehicle and the capacity it could accommodate. You might have smaller option in small limousine Rental Company and in big reputable companies, you might have several vehicles to choose from that will suite your need. 

See for the options in person of the vehicle you want to choose 

If you are inquiring online, ask for the photos of the vehicle you are planning to choose together with descriptions in every picture but if you are having much time on your schedule, visit the vehicle in person. Picture might say a thousand words but looking personally to the vehicle would eliminate any of your questions and doubt regarding the vehicle. This is also to make sure that you will get what you see. It is very disappointing that the vehicle that will arrive in the day of your event is not the same as expected just because of picture filter being posted in their ads. 

Ask about the cost 

Many companies have low fees but upon the final bill, there are so many charges added so avoid this case by asking for the quote for proof of rates of the rental company and ask every detail and possible additional charges. This includes the tip for the chauffeur, some companies have mandatory tip for their drivers that is included in their final bill while others don’t include these fees so ask about it to avoid double tipping. 

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